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Legal challenges of the XXI century
Solanes Corella, Ángeles
Górriz Royo, Elena María
- 05/10/2017

ISBN: 978-84-9169-011-5
Editorial: Tirant Lo Blanch
ª ed.
Páginas: 361 Estado: Disponible

PVP: 29,00 € (IVA Incluido 4%)

This book presents original research papers which cover a range of topics representing some of the most pressing legal challenges of the new century. Readers can find valuable research not only in Public law, (specifically, Constitutional law, Legal History, Criminal law, Philosophy of Law or Administrative law) but also in Private law (more precisely in Civil law, Business law and International Private law). The School of Law of the University of Valencia (EG) is the first Law Faculty to launch such an initiative in Spain, and it opens a window to the Common law system and the study of its many institutions, categories and theories in all branches of the legal system. The publication of this book is vital in order to foster the process of internationalization and to promote the pursuit of excellence in the University. legal studies The Legal Studies Collection is the first of its kind to offer readers an English language compendium of contemporary legal research by scholars linked to Spanish Universities. The series, published by Tirant lo Blanch, will cover a wide range of topics and examine key aspects of the Spanish legal system as well as analysing the most important issues under debate in other jurisdictions. Each book will aim to present a thorough and incisive study of its subject, providing specialised material to legal academics. It is expected that the series will become a source of reference for law students and play a major part in fostering academic excellence in the study of Law.

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